Plant Health Care

At Green Rose Tree & Lawn Care, we maintain pest and disease-free trees and shrubs for our residential and commercial customers. We inspect and monitor pest levels, and incorporate cultural practices and always make necessary treatments with organic and natural products over harmful chemicals.

Plant health care services include:

  • Root zone management including soil testing, fertilizing, modifications and excavations
  • Monitoring irrigation levels
  • Pruning and spraying for insect and disease management

Deep Root Fertilization

Did you know that improper fertilization can harm your trees? Fertilization is necessary to help maintain tree health and improve trees defenses from pests, depleted, and compacted soils and environmental stress. Green Rose crews test the soil and assess the specific properties of your tree’s root system. During deep root fertilization, we directly inject a nutrient solution under pressure into the root zone of trees.

Save Money With Proper Fertilization Techniques

Don’t wait. Our careful assessment and testing process saves customers money, eliminating unnecessary fertilizer purchases and strengthening your trees’ defenses against disease.

Tree Care

Residential and commercial customers rely on Green Rose Tree & Lawn Care for all their NYC and Long Island tree repair and maintenance services. We take care of trees that are dying or that are not growing as they should.

Commonly requested professional tree care services include:

  • Deadwood Pruning for safety purposes or to maintain tree health
  • Tree pruning or trimming branches for aesthetic reasons
  • Crown thinning, or thinning tree limbs to prevent or reduce the chances of storm damage
  • Cabling and bracing for tree strengthening
  • Tree and stump removal for dead, dying, unsafe, or unwanted trees

Lawn Care

Green Rose Tree & Lawn Care customers count on us to transform their dying, brown grass into naturally healthy, green lawns. Our integrated pest management services control pests such as insects, disease, and weeds by fostering an environment that contains beneficial organisms to help promote healthy and improved depleted soils.

Save Money With Custom Tree and Lawn Fertilizers

Save money. Eliminate wasteful, all-purpose fertilizers with our custom products for each individual lawn. Green Rose crews test the soil to determine the optimal level of nutrients for a healthy lawn and a healthy budget.

Other Services

Mosquito Control Service

Greenrose Tree and Lawn Care provides safe and effective mosquito control using products of Cedar, citronella and garlic oils, creating a natural barrier to repel general insect activity. Environmentally safe, pet friendly, natural repellents require zero entry time so you can use your yard right away.

Stump Grinding

Green Rose Tree & Lawn Care removes trees and stumps as a last resort and especially if they are hazardous. When we grind, you may keep the mulch or we can haul it away, leaving a hole to plant a new tree. Mulch recycling is also very important to us.


Are you looking to create a living legacy for your community? At Green Rose Tree & Lawn Care, we love to plant trees, so we have excellent relationships with the local nurseries to find the species that will thrive the best at your location.

Tree Inventory

Greenrose Tree and Lawn Care provide tree inventory service for municipalities, and estates.  Tree inventories can be used to calborate data such as tree id, hazardous trees, pest populations, and global positioning. We use collected information to create a customized management plan.

Bare Root Transplant

Did you know that experienced Green Rose crews can move the tree and roots without moving the soil? We perform this procedure year round to preserve trees for use in a new location.